Ways to Watch

Thank you for your interest in the The Round Barns of Vernon County. Individuals can rent the film and watch online using Vimeo Pro. Institutions can purchase a limited public performance license that offers many ways to use the film in teaching & learning, research, or as part of an institution's artistic, outreach, or educational mission.


Our thinking on licensing mirrors the film's modern, DIY approach. We're happy to live in a time where we have the tools to distribute directly to librarians, campus audiences, online classrooms, researchers, and campus groups. We believe that placing a monetary value on the film's public performance rights is fitting with the larger principle of economic fairness, and extends solidarity to fellow independent filmmakers and creative professionals--trying to balance art and commerce. Importantly, the same technologies that allow us to self-publish, add value and improve the overall user experience.


The film is delivered to institutions as a password-protected 720p H.264 ~3Mbps digital video. The URL and password are provided by email at checkout. A caption file (.SRT) is provided, as is cover art for DIY printing. We can also provide an embed code that is customized to an institution's domain if requested. While we understand that physical media may be needed in some circumstances, we believe that the benefits of an HD digital download far outweigh the costs of replicating optical media, and this inclination is reflected in a lower licensing fee (compared to comparable titles). 

Film License - Institutional

The license allows limited public performance rights to colleges, universities, and cultural institutions to encode, locally host and stream the film for purposes of teaching & learning, on a closed system for the life of the digital file and to use the film for campus presentations that are free of charge. The license allows for the institution's library to encode and create a DVD and/or a Bluray disc for patron checkout, and to utilize the digital file to reconstitute the physical media when replacement is necessary due to wear and tear or damage.

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Remember, individuals can rent the film and watch on-demand.